As ex-smokers ourselves we understand the difficulties associated with addiction to cigarettes. I have tried everthing to quit and time and time again, I have failed. My brother told me about the electronic cigarette and suggested  that I try it.  Not really believing it would work, I decided to buy one.  For several months I cheated vaping and smoking at the same time. Then slowly I started to notice I was vaping more than smoking. At that point I decided my vape would become my new best friend, when I had the urge to smoke I picked up my new bestie and vaped until the urge went away. Best decision I ever made.

It worked differently for my partner, he bought his vape and that was it. He was done. My point being is it works differently for everone. It doesn't matter how or when you succeed just that you succeed. Living a longer healthier life. Best of luck on your journey to living tobacco free. 

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